[ETEC 527] My Adventure in Social Bookmarking with Diigo

This week as I’ve explored Diigo and I ended up hating it and then loving it. Diigo (Digest of Internet information, Groups and Other stuff) is an online platform with the goal of helping you create your own personal online knowledge library online. In other words, it is an expansive social bookmarking tool. I completely agree with so many of my course-mates in its comparison with Pinterest. Once I saw how the platform operated, I thought of Pinterest right away, only, I have to admit, I wasn’t as engaged with Diigo as much at first. The first feature that Diigo has that got my attention was the ability to annotate webpages and let you tag the site with keywords that can help you search faster and easier with a virtual sticky note. Since I am a bit sticky note user (both on my computer, using the program “Stickies”, and in real life), I enjoy being able to make notes and annotations in that manner.

I also like the ability to screenshot webpages directly using Diigo. I have a Mac so I usually screenshot things all the time, however organization is an issue sometimes. With Diigo the screenshots are in one place which helps someone like me who may forget what and why I even screenshotted in the first place. I made sure to get the Diigo extension for Chrome and install the mobile app.

My favorite part about Diigo is the groups. I browsed and searched many groups with interests that I have and joined a few. The ease of sharing links and insights is great and opened up a whole new world for me that I did not know about before this course. It seems to be a great networking/ collaborative research tool.